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Check 'Gallery' there you'll find pictures of our meeting in Sandhausen!
All presentations are in PDF-format to ensure a maximum of compatibility. If you can't view PDF-files check the "Software"-section on the left.

school, countrydownloadlink
Jozef Pilsudski High School (Poland)PDF-Format - PowerPoint-Presentation
Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium (Germany)PowerPoint-Presentation
St. George’s School Edgbaston (England)not yet submitted
American Academy Larnaca (Cyprus)PowerPoint-Presentation
The Pavel Krizkovsky High School (Czech Republic)PowerPoint-Presentation (Attention big file!)
Ekzarh Antim (Bulgaria)PDF-Format - PowerPoint-Presentation
Gimnazjum no. 4 (Poland)Online-Presentation
Istituto professionale di Stato per I Servizi Alberghieri e della Ristorazione (Italy)PPT-Format
Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice (Slovenia)PPT-Format