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Check 'Gallery' there you'll find pictures of our meeting in Sandhausen!
The partnership-songs are provided as a live-recording (.WAV or .MP3) and a plain MIDI-file.
To give you the possibility to play the song yourself the notes and the text are also contributed.

school, countrydownloadlinks
Ekzarh Antim (Bulgaria)Notes (as .JPG)
(translated) lyrics
Pavel Krizkovsky High School
(Czech Republic)
spoken lyrics (NEW!)
Notes (as .JPG)
(translated) lyrics
Gimnazjum no. 4
Notes (as .JPG)
Lyrics (as .JPG)
Live-Version (as .MP3)
pronounciation aid
Gimnazija Slovenske Konjice
Live-Version (as .MP3)
Notes with Lyrics (as .JPG)
Gymnasium Sandhausen
Notes and lyrics (as .JPG)
spoken lyrics (as .WMA)
live version (as .WMA)
translated lyrics (as .DOC)
accompanist notes (as .ZIP)
Istituto professionale di Stato per I
Servizi Alberghieri e della Ristorazione

Notes 1/2 (as .TIF)
Notes 2/2 (as .TIF)
Complete lyrics 1/5 (as .GIF)
Complete lyrics 2/5 (as .GIF)
Complete lyrics 3/5 (as .GIF)
Complete lyrics 4/5 (as .GIF)
Complete lyrics 5/5 (as .GIF)
Live version (as .MP3) (NEW)
American Academy Larnaca
Lyrics (as .DOC)
Live version (as .WMA)
Other live version (as .MP3)
St. George’s School Edgbaston (England) Notes and lyrics (.JPG)
Live Version (.MP3)