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Ekzarh Antim I

We are a comprehensive school of 1300 students and 120 teachers. Music, management, English and German are offered as specializations to each student in grades 8-12. Students study individually and as a group to master traditional folklore and classic instruments. There is an orchestra, choir and folk dance ensemble as well as a brand new and modern music recording studio which was partially funded by USAID via the United States Peace Corps. Annually, Ekzarh Antim I holds a music concourse involving regional schools. Additionally, the school is home to a movie and photography club, three internet halls and a newly renovated concert venue. The school has a long-standing cooperation and friendship with the Kazanluk Municipality. The socio-economic situation in the region is made dire by the high rate of unemployment. Many students come from nearby villages to attend Antim I, which provides educational and technological opportunities that are not available elsewhere.

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